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Combivent is usually prescribed as a maintenance drug, usually in people who have copd, he says.

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Therefore patients should be instructed regarding introduction of combivent inhaler substance dosed aerosol.

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Combivent respimat patients may require two less inhalers over the course of a year.

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The three primary efficacy comparisons were i non-inferiority of combivent respimat 20 100 mcg to cfc-propelled combivent inhalation aerosol 36 206 mcg for the fev 1 auc 0-6h on test day 85; ii superiority of combivent respimat 20 100 mcg to ipratropium respimat 20 mcg for the fev 1 auc 0-4h on test day 85, to demonstrate the contribution of albuterol in the combination product, and iii non-inferiority of combivent respimat 20 100 mcg in comparison to ipratropium respimat 20 mcg for fev 1 auc 4-6h on test day 85, to demonstrate the contribution of ipratropium in the combination product.

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Many calls are coming in reporting that prescriptions for combivent inhalation aerosol have increased from 25 to 210 when switched to combivent respimat inhalation spray, even with 340b pricing.

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if cardiovascular symptoms occur, combivent respimat may need to be discontinued.



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